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Dragon Spotted In Saint Leonards On Sea

Locals of Saint Leonards On Sea
Residents in Saint Leonards On Sea captured the dragon in oil paints
Legendary dragon sighted in Saint Leonards On Sea. The mythical beast was spotted by locals in Saint Leonards On Sea just the other day. Local residents saw the mythical beast during the holiday weekend.

Dragon Legend Confirmed in Saint Leonards On Sea

"It was incredible!" exclaimed one local "The beast was a vivid green, a beautiful beast with a single fang and cow like eyes... Not what you would expect in Saint Leonards On Sea!".

Sightings of these mythical beasts are very rare in Saint Leonards On Sea in fact this was probably the only ever dragon sighted in Saint Leonards On Sea.

More localsEye Witness Of Dragon In Saint Leonards On Sea

Several local residents commissioned their own paintings of the legendary creature sighted in Saint Leonards On Sea to remind them and you can too simply by clicking here and having your very own Saint Leonards On Sea dragon painted for you!

Sightings of dragons in Britain are quite rare these days. Hundreds of years ago there were many dragons residing in the UK and legend tells of sightings in and around Saint Leonards On Sea of a friendly dragon. He's quite a portly chap and can often be seen around the local fast food outlets in the area.

Dragon Hunter Derek Johnson

Dragon Hunter Derek JohnsonBritish dragon hunter, artist and explorer Derek Johnson said that the sightings of dragons in and around Saint Leonards On Sea are nothing new. During the last beer festival held in the area there were several sightings of mythical beasts including dragons. Reports of dragons in the area are rare but sightings have happened mostly around closing times. Locals have attempted to sketch their sightings but few have managed to photograph the dragon. Mr Johnson has told us that there are in circulation several photographs of this dragon and will be publishing them in due course...

Eye Witness Images

Sam Jon Mark
Jonny Painter (98) Sam Minecroft (8) Martin Nord (56)

Jonny Painter's Statement

Jonny Painter"Well, as you can see, it was dark, really dark... Fly's in jars dark almost... No, really, they tap at my windows with tiny paws! I saw a dragon. Fiery green, larger than life he smiled at me. Not what I expected during a painting trip to Saint Leonards On Sea only the other day with my wife and painting partner. He was a jolly chap, green, portly like me yet with a kind face, smiling, a single fang hanging from his smiling mouth.

It was quite dark, actually very dark, you can see this because I captured the moon but then suddenly the moon was washed away by the dark, dark black... Yes that's right, almost BLACK... Black!!!"

Have you seen a dragon near YOU?

Map of Saint Leonards On Sea

Dim ond un ddraig yn wir, pawb arall yn ffug...
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